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Review: Review of Maunscript 0.1

I feel we can work with the authors of  in order to get the piece ready for publishing. My bisst concern is the unfished nature of some sections of the paper.

I felt it was a novel application of theories not usually found in research but it was still grounded in a wider Deweyian persepctive.

The authors used a mix of qualitative methiods that culuminated in what they labled as "participatory narrative analysis" i think we should work with the authors to flesh this out some more.

In terms of data analysis the authros do a good job with their illustrative case studies. They could provide more examples. We should ensure we work with authors to make sure each claim is substantiatedd.

The piece all needs major grammatical errors. It will be good to pair the author with reviewers who excel in proofreading.

Overall I would love to work with these authors to prepare the manuscript for publication.